HiCalc 1.5

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HiCalc, Handy Shopping Calculator!

HiCalc is the perfect companion for price conscious shopping, discount comparison, bargaining and tip calculation. It contains the following handy tools:

-Unit Price Compare
It helps comparing and converting prices of products with different package size, weight, volume and length. It directly presents you the choices that would stretch every penny you spent! It also utilizes location information to help tracking shopping locations. You will never forget where you see the cheapest item again!

-Tip Calculator
It can calculate tip quickly, also help to split the bill between friends conveniently. HiCalc helps you to round up the bill or the tip that makes the payment easier; it updates the final tip rate based on your choice of round tip or round total bill.

-Discount Calculator
Based on your inputs for original price, discount rate, additional discount and tax rate, HiCalc will inform you with the final discounted price and the overall money saved.

*Supported Units
Weight: gram(g), kilogram(kg), ounce(oz), pound(lb)
Volume: liter(L), milliliter(ml), centiliter(cl), fluid ounce(fl.oz), and liquid gallon(gal US)
Length: meter(m), millimeter(mm), centimeter(cm), inch, foot(ft), yard(yd)

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Explanation of the various permissions:
Your location: user can save the shopping location with this;
Network communication: to display Google Map;

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OS:Android 2.1 and up

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